Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jane Dunnewold: Program Instructor

One of my goals is to honor the subtlety and fragility of the natural environment by adopting a meditative attitude during the creation of the work, and by striving to make that meditative quality visible to the viewer.


Jane Dunnewold is the author of Complex Cloth (1996) Improvisational Screen Printing (2003), co-authored Finding Your Own Visual Language (2007) and is currently working on a new surface design volume for Interweave Press, to be released in the spring of 2010. She teaches and exhibits widely and was awarded the Quilt Japan Prize in the 2002 Visions exhibition, and the Gold Prize, at the Taegue International Textile Exhibition. Dunnewold maintains Art Cloth Studios, in San Antonio, Texas. Additional information and exhibition experience can be found at


Beth Kennedy said...

It's delightful to see your work progress. I can't decide which I find more appealing, what you've just done or what you are doing currently. You are a constant inspiration. Keep giving us opportunities to see the next manifestation.

Gloria Hansen said...

I am so thrilled that you created this place to show off the work from the Master Class program. The pieces are beautiful and inspiring.