Saturday, June 27, 2009

Patt Wilson

This body of work embraces two themes – a study of peacock feathers and the colour turquoise in an art cloth format. I am using the unifying, recurrent feather element to further my design and colour work. This body of work, using that central focus, is an exploration of realism to abstraction, and how to make those contrasting styles evolve from one to the other.

As part of the Art Cloth Mastery Program, I studied the “circle” motif. This started with very simple visual imagery and evolved into an in-depth study of the circle and its relationship to myself and the world. This work continues that study of the circle and focuses on the eye of the feather.

Combining these two themes provides a strong contrast in my work – realistic and abstract forms, interpreted in fabric and thread – complementary works playing against each other.


Textile artist Patt Wilson has worked with surface design, quilting, and wearable art since 1995. Creating art cloth is her way of expressing and sharing with others her work, which is influenced by personal experiences and the environment we live in. Her art cloth is a celebration, using line, shape and colour to evoke an emotional response.

Wilson's work has been exhibited throughout North America. She has taught quilt making since 1995 in Canada and is dedicated to the encouragement and promotion of artistic self-expression in cloth, thread, and surface design.

She lives in Port Moody, Canada and works from her home studio.

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