Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kathy Williams

I have completed two series revolving around the definition of “season”. Colors of the Seasons explores the four distinct seasons of nature inspired by photographs and the colors I see in each season where I live. Seasons of Life explores the chaos of the 20’s, selecting partners/careers of the 30’s, upheavals of the 40’s and the freedom of the 50’s. The 20’s are a time of infinite choice with the 30’s being a time of choosing partners, settling in careers and trying to fit in. Many changes can happen in the 40’s with children leaving home, parents/loved ones dying and facing one’s own mortality while the 50’s bring about a freedom from others expectations – a blank slate to present your true self to the world.


In addition to many years of self directed artistic endeavors, Kathleen Williams completed Complex Cloth Intensive, November 2005 and is a graduate of Art Cloth Mastery Program, 2009, Art Cloth Studios, San Antonio, Texas. Exhibits include Surface Design Association Member Show, “Off the Grid”, May 2009 and “Twelve Voices from One”, Gallery Nord, San Antonio, Texas, June 2009. Additional information can be found at

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