Saturday, June 27, 2009

Laura Ann Beehler

My work is inspired by words, phrases, sights and sounds. The work in this exhibition developed while I listened to Caroline Myss’ tape, Sacred Contracts.

The concept of pre-ordained destinies and Earthly commitments fascinated me. Images of pacts, agreements and contracts being put together by a higher life force began to emerge on the fabrics.

Through use of color, repeated images and shape I began the journey of exploring Sacred Contracts. This journey has only begun and there are many more paths yet to explore. I look forward to continuing the journey and all the discoveries along the way.


Laura Ann Beehler is an International and award winning fiber artist, who has studied and created Art most of her life. Beehler has specialized in Art Cloth since the late 90’s. In 2002 she walked away from a successful career to pursue her artistic passion full time. As this journey takes her across miles of fabric she continues to explore new pathways. Beehler is currently a partner in Fiber Artspace Gallery and is a working artist member of Art Cloth Studios, both located in San Antonio, TX. Her work is included in several private collections in the United States and England.

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