Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mary LeBlanc

I have spent many years doing didactic, scientific and evidence based work. As I have lived my life and as I began to really hear my own voice, I realized that I also have a great well of creativity within myself that is joyful, spontaneous, and passionate. I express this through textile art. This is yin to my yang, the creative balancing the analytical, a part of each within the other. This work is how I feed my spirit.

I am intrigued by belief systems and how beliefs are expressed through symbols. Existence is shaped by beliefs. What we do to ourselves and to others are shaped by beliefs. Learning about the beliefs of others leads to understanding, acceptance and celebration of our diversity. My interpretation of some of the beliefs and symbols of Native Americans is expressed in the pieces exhibited. Their love and respect of the earth, the cardinal directions, the elements and creation are the themes explored with these pieces. There is a universality to these themes that transcends cultural, ethnic and time lines and connects us to one another.

Beginning with white cloth the formed resists of Shibori; stitching, binding, folding, clamping, and wrapping using traditional techniques where possible supports the addition and removal of color, and the addition of pattern, texture, imagery and embellishment. It is a time of reflection, contemplation and synthesis. There is ritual and mystery, discipline and magic. The work concludes when the cloth is transformed with energy, depth, and complexity only to begin again with the next piece. This transformed cloth is my gift to the viewer, drawing them close, and as they look deeply hearing the secrets within.


Mary LeBlanc is a New Hampshire-based artist. She uses color, pattern, texture, and imagery to explore belief systems as expressed by their symbols, to learn and understand both the diversity and universality of these systems, which show us how we are all connected in spite of our differences. Her work has been exhibited nationally and most recently will be seen in the Exhibit Twelve Voices From One later this year at Gallery Nord in San Antonio. In addition to her love of textile art, she is a pediatric dentist working with the underserved children of her community where she is able to bridge cultural and language barriers through the love and appreciation of cloth.

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